RRD AI LogoSome quotes from clients

"RRD’s specific market competitive analysis helped us grow our business with Wal-mart."
-Rich Stober, President Mass Market, Gold Toe Moretz

“Dan has great experience and knowledge of what makes buyers tick. He has a particular gift of analyzing accounts at the SKU level. In other words seeing the big picture and communicating that to buyers”
-Jeff Lessard, CoOwner of Fox River Mills

"Dan brings a thoroughness to sales representation that is outstanding and detailed...if there is an opportunity at a retailer, Dan will find it."
-Joel Anderson, Sales Manager, Fox River Mills

RRD was able to source our product cheaper, with improved quality and performance.  This allowed us to increase our business in our high end retail market.
-Remo Tulliani, President and Chief Designer, Remo Tulliani

RRD’s leadership and coordinated effort opened up a potential $200 mil business opportunity.
-Mike Henry, Partner, Amber Waves Jewelry

Dan helped us re-evaluate our line to make us more competitive and fashion forward.
-Aaron Um, C.E.O., Aaron Company
Dan is Creative Accessory Brand's key asset in running their business.
-Damon Roberts, C.E.O., Sophisticated Style

"Take One Part Experience, One Part Enthusiasm. with a Dash of Fun and One Part Talent and that recipe equals Dan Doviddio.  Dan is exceptional at taking strategy and fulfilling requirements, with special talent for line development and customer oriented merchandising."
-Denise Yow, 34 Year Veteran Textiles/Socks Design/Mdse