Business Development
• Worked with a jewelry wholesale company as CEO to expand branded business to the next level.

• Established a business strategy for a major specialty retailer to start and run a potential $200M wholesale business.
• Bought franchise rights and established a business as an absentee owner/investment strategy. Researched and selected retail space, negotiated lease terms, hired a general contractor for facility build-out, and purchased all capital equipment, fixtures, and supplies.
• Conducted thorough market, demographic, and cash flow analysis and evaluated data against risk tolerance. Developed business strategies and a comprehensive marketing plan to penetrate the market, drive revenue, and generate a profitable return-on-investment.
• Recruited and hired managers and employees. Coached/mentored managers on all areas of operations management, sales techniques, employee relations, and customer service.

Account Management  
• Saved an account for a vendor by market analysis, new product introduction and improved retail penetration.

• Industry reputation for penetrating markets and developing and expanding profitable business relationships with national retail chains and regional retailers.
• Practical retail experience enhances ability to manage accounts and plan merchandising strategies   based upon a thorough understanding of customer buying patterns, in-store marketing dynamics, the impact of demographics, and creation of effective plan-o-grams.

Market Analysis / Sales Forecasting                       
• Developed in-depth competitive analyses and marketing strategies to enhance clients' effectiveness in expanding market penetration in the highly competitive retail industry.
• Conducted market analysis of product category performance and consumer trends.
• Performed sales projections by SKU for production purposes and monthly analysis.

• Worked with Sales Reps to analyze their accounts and effectively grow business in their categories.    

Product Design / Development                       
• Designed new line concept based on market analysis that immediately took off in major sales increase in new and current vendor structure.

• Designed and sourced a leading edge high end dress sock line for a top men’s accessories designer.

• Utilized merchandising and computer capabilities to team develop and design hosiery seasonal lines for presentation to national retailers.
• Utilizing market trends and private-label opportunities, developed product line enhancements to drive revenue and profit margin growth.
• Researched, worked with product development and outside designers to create the ‘Scrubs’ brand for Fox River. This was targeted to our valuable farm stores to add a profitable category for the retailers and Fox River.

• Innovated a private label branding strategy worth $1-2 million annually for a national retailer.
• Created private-label hosiery program that resulted in 20% increase in seasonal sales.
• Achieved 9% sales increase by revamping apparel business and introducing sports team and topical categories that better matched retailer's merchandising philosophy.
• Reduced low margin and poor turning businesses to improve bottom line results.

• As a buyer in a major mass shoe chain, I increased the accessory business 80% in one year by leveraging proprietary brands, expanding growing business and deleting slow selling categories.  Also increased turns by eliminating warehouse stock and utilizing flow shipping.

• Managed all areas of retail business including financial planning, product distribution, sales forecasting, marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns.
• Controlled merchandise flow to capitalize on market trends, weather fluctuations and fast-moving inventory.

Optimized Presentations    
• Outstanding computer expertise used to develop powerful, sales-driven promotional material and customized product presentations.    
• Designed and authored a monthly merchandising newsletter.    
• Created two spreadsheet forecasting tools in adapted by Montgomery Ward apparel division.
• Proficiency in both Mac and PC, Excel, InDesign, Illustrator, Word, PowerPoint, Freehand, PhotoShop, Arthur Retail System, Internet and HTML.
• Maintains a fully equipped modern office with Mac desktop and laptop computers, color business printer, dedicated DSL, phone and fax lines, plain paper fax and copier.